How much does counselling cost?
An initial telephone or online meeting of up to thirty minutes, to help us decide together whether this is right for us both, is free. Should you decide to continue with counselling, there is a sliding scale from £35-£50: please contact me for details.

How many sessions will I need?
This is something we can explore together when we meet. There is no fixed number: sometimes people find that around six is helpful, others wish to continue over a longer term. 

How often would we meet?
Many people find meeting weekly helpful - long enough to have time to reflect on the session, take some small steps in a new direction, or allow what has been explored to percolate and become aware of what is shifting. It may be that your rhythm of work and home life need a longer gap between appointments, and we can see how best to accommodate this when we speak.

Supposing we meet for a few times and I think “This is not right for me?”
Your sense of how things are going for you is always invited and welcomed, and we will regularly reflect on our work so that we keep moving in the direction you find most helpful. If you are unsure, my hope is that you will feel able to let me know so that we can rectify this, or finish in a way which is positive for you.

I have limited mobility or need to use a wheelchair. Is your therapy space accessible?
Yes. There are no steps into the therapy room; there is a gentle slope up to the front door.
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