There are many reasons for considering therapy. It may be that you wish to focus on current life events or issues which are troubling you, and seek a safe space where you can find ways of increasing your resourcefulness or managing a difficult situation more fruitfully. Perhaps you have a sense that longstanding ways of thinking and perceiving no longer serve you well, and would like to make changes. You may have an inkling that experiences and relationships early in your life continue to affect how you feel about yourself and pattern your current relationships, and would like to re-shape these in more beneficial and fulfilling ways. Or you may simply feel dissatisfied or unhappy, and wish to explore how you might feel differently.
When we work together, I aim to create an open, generous and welcoming space which honours your own unique way of being. It is my hope that you will feel deeply listened to, heard and met, and experience me as genuine, empathic and transparent in relationship with you, working actively and collaboratively to help you arrive at ways forward which feel satisfying and positive for you.

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